Liverpool Innovation Park’s Neighbourhood Plan is in the process of being developed by a group of forward thinking local SMEs, property owners, developers and tenants from within the approved Neighbourhood Area


The Liverpool Innovation Park Business Neighbourhood Area  (LIPBNA) is located 3 miles from Liverpool city centre.  It is bordered to the north by Edge Lane, a main arterial route to the city which has been extensively improved to create a boulevard styled entrance to the city of Liverpool.  The main entrance to the site is located on Edge lane and was installed as part of the improvements leading up to Capital of Culture year in 2008, with new signage, feature walls bearing the name of the park and pencil lighting.

The entrance gives access to four distinct areas that together make up Liverpool Innovation Park Business Neighbourhood;

  1. Liverpool Innovation Park (main building)
  2. Wavertree Technology Park
  3. Former Littlewoods Building
  4. Development Site

The neighbourhood has over 60 businesses and 2,500 employees.  There is approximately 800,000sq ft of existing commercial and business accommodation, with a further 100,000 sq ft planned for development. The LIP Business Neighbourhood is one of only a few areas to be designated a Business Neighbourhood and it is also the only area to be entirely populated with businesses (i.e. no residents live within the boundary)

Business sectors prevalent on the site include; Digital & technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Advanced (clean) manufacturing, and Financial & professional services; reflecting the site’s history which saw Edge Lane at the heart of the British Telecommunications industry.

In recent years development has included the installation of a new state-of-the-art reception and networking area in the main building, with a 5,000 sq ft WiFi-enabled networking facility where like-minded entrepreneurs can collaborate, exhibit products and access professional business support.

The iconic Art Deco Littlewoods building too is starting to see its fortunes change. In 2013 Northwest developer Capital & Centric acquired the building and had plans approved to turn the building into a 104-bed hotel, 50,000 sq ft of business units and 50,000 sq ft of offices.

The site between the main reception area and the Littlewoods Building has been remediated and cleared for development by Liverpool City Council.  The site which offers six, fully serviced development plots totalling some 15 acres has recently (2014) been acquired by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)


A group of committed, businesses, employees and interested stakeholders are working on a Neighbourhood Plan for Liverpool Innovation Park and if you work there or have a business interest within the area – they want your views on how you would like to see the area developed over the next 10-15 years.

You can read more about Neighbourhood Planning on this website but in brief a neighbourhood plan will outline how the people who work at the park want to see the area developed.  Ultimately we need to develop a plan that will help existing businesses to grow and encourage new businesses to the area.

How to get involved

The Forum must have a minimum of 21 members and membership is open to anyone living, working or with a business interest within the boundary of the neighbourhood area.  The content and priorities for the plan will be generated by the businesses and employees on the site.  To join the forum and get involved send us your details via the form on this site or e-mail

As well as joining the forum you can also contribute by responding to the consultation and by attending events and workshops.  If you are a non-domestic rate payer within the boundary you will also have the opportunity to vote at a referendum which will decide whether the plan is to be adopted into local planning law.

You can also send your comments directly to the Management Board at