Liverpool Innovation Park Business Neighbourhood Plan zonesv2

The story so far

In 2011, Liverpool Innovation Park, supported by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and the Local Council applied to become a Neighbourhood Planning government frontrunner.  They were to pilot how a Business Neighbourhood could take advantage of the new planning powers being offered to ordinary communities across the country.

A small working group was established and set about discussing the neighbourhood boundary.  In April 2013 the idea was extended to all the businesses on the park and was discussed with other local organisations and stakeholders.  A Shadow Forum was established and a Constitution drafted. In October 2013 the area boundary was approved by Liverpool City Council and in February 2014 a formal application was made to approve the Forum.

Once approved the Forum will be the qualifying body for the area which will give them the authority (working in partnership with the Local Planning Authority) to draft planning policies for the area which must be adhered to when planning decisions are being made.

What next?

We will be asking people who work in the area and the communities surrounding; what is good and bad about the area and what needs to be changed or improved?  The results will help us draft some preliminary policy proposals which we will also ask you to comment on.

Further to some more statutory consultation and external checks – the plan will be presented to the community and you will be asked to vote in a referendum.  If more than 50% approve, then it will become the statutory planning policy for the area and sit alongside the Local Plan.