What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Introduced under the Localism Act (2011) Neighbourhood Planning gives businesses the opportunity to work with others in their community to develop a shared vision for sustainable development.

Working on a Neighbourhood Plan with your community (residents, employees, businesses, developers and property owners) you will develop the planning policy for the area.

A Neighbourhood Forum also has the power to grant planning permission for specific development through a Neighbourhood Development Order.

Stages in the Neighbourhood Planning process;

  1. Area and Forum approval (by the Local Authority)
  2. Consultation and community engagement
  3. Developing the evidence base
  4. Writing and reviewing the proposed plan
  5. Submission of plan to Local Planning Authority
  6. Independent Examination
  7. Referendum
  8. Bringing the plan into force

Once a Neighbourhood Plan is brought into legal force, it becomes part of the statutory development plan for that area and must be consulted when granting planning permission in the area.
More information on Neighbourhood Planning can be found here